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On August 22, 2003 the BBC informed us of the following: “From Sunday morning, you will no longer be able to dial 192 for directory inquiries which is closing down to make way for several new services. 192 has been in use for nearly 50 years, but will be replaced by a confusing selection of different numbers all beginning 118. … But there are real fears that consumers will end up paying more because of complicated tariffs and hidden connection charges. In other words, the old, traditional and free of charge BT 192 disappeared four years ago. Since then, we dial several different numbers to request information about a regular phone number and we pay. Why not a free Directory with the numbers of mobile phones across the UNITED KINGDOM? Everybody has mobile phones but no Directory! A group of programmers, designers, business consultants and others, asked ourselves that question and here is the 192mobilephones Directory: - for private individuals and professionals that want to make there phone number known. Free of charge. With easy registration and administration and - at last, an office in the pocket of the professional that is usually away from his office and wants to be always available. We called it 192 to recover and maintain the lifelong, beloved, useful and free 192. Surely, it will have to be improved, and it is with that purpose that we WELCOME SUGGESTIONS. 110celulares@gmail.com.



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